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Creative Photography through the magic of composition = Keys to Imagination!


Do you wish you could have a Creative Photographic Eye?

Your photos aren’t becoming good? When you do a good photo you don’t know why or how to do it again?

With this Online and Illustrated guide you’ll have your problems solved.


– You’ll be able to create amazing and impressive photos even with your smartphone. Doesn’t matter which camera you have, the key is inside the frame!

– You’ll know all the tools to perfect and develop That Photographic Eye you think only photographers were born to.

– All the tools you need to develop that photographic eye that you didn’t know you are capable of.

– Framing and composition. Learn with the 350+ pages of graphical and interactive content with no hard technical words. We hate it too!


Made by an 20+ years expert in the field and specialized in teaching for beginners having changed thousand of lives around the globe.


What you’ll get:

  • 370+ slides with amazing graphics and photos to learn from;
  • Simple and easy to understand;
  • Exercises to practice and develop your creativity.


    20+ years of experience in professional photography and teaching. It's not only about learning with a pro photographer. It's about learning with an experienced teacher in the most rich and interactive way. Welcome to a new learning experience in photography!
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