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TheMagicButton.net - Making Beginners Look Like Pros

Daniel Farjoun [ Photographer ]


I'm Daniel Farjoun a commercial photographer, musical producer and multimedia teacher that has worked with top notch agencies and companies.


During these 20+ years, I've specialized in 360ยบ photography and Virtual Tours, Stereoscopic 3D, Photoshop Compositing, Products and portraits photography, just to name a few.


In 2013 I envisioned and created an online photography learning center for beginners, helping and changing thousands of lives. From those who want to become pros to the others who simply want to have another beautiful and positive vision about life.


In 4 years I reached more than 2 millions views and 110.000 subscribers in my youtube channel . All in Portuguese.


In 2018 I decided to go bigger. It was time to move, get out of the comfortable zone! I moved from Brazil and since than I'm preparing the most complete and interactive learning experience ever made. And this is just the beginning of this journey.


The module 1 is ready and has more than 350 slides full of photos, graphics and interactive examples. All of those explained in text (good for the hearing impaired people) and also with audio, for when you just want to hit the play and listen.


The module 1 is for everyone. From the smartphone photographer to the professional wannabe with super high-end mirrorless or DSLRs cameras. You'll develop your creative photographic eye before you start to learn how to go even more creative controlling your camera.


First you need to be able to create amazing pictures with your smartphone. And than you proceed your successful journey.

My beloved Students


20+ years of experience in professional photography and teaching. It's not only about learning with a pro photographer. It's about learning with an experienced teacher in the most rich and interactive way. Welcome to a new learning experience in photography!
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