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A complete photography training and educational content.

Develop Your Photographic Creativity

Enhance the Way You Look the World

Take AMAZING pictures even with your Smartphone

Be Ready for The Next Step!

Complete Solution.

The Magic Button breaks the barrier of the online and offline learning platforms!

Here you'll get the most out of the online and experience the real world with the interactive tools, such as our exclusive simulators

Here you'll learn not only the foundation, but also the technical and the creative process. All in an easy to understand vocabulary and unique learning experience!

New and old techniques side by side for you to enjoy the most out of your camera and deliver the best imagery for your actual or future clients.


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20+ years of experience in professional photography and teaching. It's not only about learning with a pro photographer. It's about learning with an experienced teacher in the most rich and interactive way. Welcome to a new learning experience in photography!
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